• March 21, 2022
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In Florida, a court bond is any type of surety bond required by an individual when pursuing action through a court of law. Court bonds can be broadly classified into two types: judicial bonds and fiduciary/probate bonds.

Here are different types of court bonds.

Cost Bond

A cost bond guarantees the payment of court costs when pursuing litigation.

Some common litigation expenses include:
• Deposition fees
• Copy fees
• Private investigation fees
• Paralegal fees
• Cost of obtaining records
• Computer-assisted legal research fees

A specialty Surety bond agency can help you obtain a cost bond. Getting approved for a cost bond will require an examination of the applicant’s credit and financial statement.

Indemnity to Sheriff Bond

Indemnity to sheriff bonds protect law enforcement officials against lawsuits when they are required to seize someone’s property. If your case requires law enforcement authorities to investigate someone’s home and property, the court may instruct you to get an indemnity to sheriff bond.

The cost of indemnity to sheriff bonds varies depending on the state. If the property owner files a lawsuit against law enforcement officials following a property seizure, the Plaintiff must compensate the aggrieved party. If they fail to do so, authorities can file a claim against the bond.

Replevin Bond

Replevin bond is a type of Plaintiff bond. A replevin bond allows the Plaintiff to take the possession of the property in question before the hearing begins. If the court rules in the favor of the defendant, they get their property back.

The cost of replevin bonds varies from state to state and case to case. In most cases, the court has some say in deciding the replevin bond amount. Usually, the bond amount is double the value of the property replevied.

Attachment Bond

Before issuing an attachment order, the court may require the plaintiff to get an attachment bond. An attachment bond or a writ of attachment bond covers legal costs, fees, and damages sustained if the court decides that the action was not necessary. The cost of an attachment bond usually 2% of the total bond amount.

Plaintiff Bond

A plaintiff bond covers any damages the defendant incurs as a result of the court proceeding if the court rules against the plaintiff.

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