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Civil Undertakings / Judicial Bonds are Surety bonds required pursuant to legal codes/statutes under state or federal law to protect various parties in a lawsuit.


H.M. Vreeland Offers a Valuable Advantage over most other Agencies, Flexibility!

We are the Court Bond experts! We deal with Court Bond matters daily. Greater understanding means greater flexibility. Because our Court Bond agents and Surety underwriters understand how to accurately assess the risk in any specific court bond situation, we are often able to write bonds without collateral when others will typically default to collateral. If collateral is necessary, our procedure for securing and releasing collateral is simple and straightforward.

Writ of Attachment

Temporary Protective Order

Preliminary Injunction

Temporary Restraining Order

Writ of Possession

Expunge Lis Pendens

Ex Parte Appointment of Receiver

Appeal / Supersedeas

Labor Commission Appeal

Release of Mechanics Lien

Release of Attachment

Third Party Claimant

Stop Notice / Release of Stop Notice

Other Civil Undertakings

We handle all types of Court Bonds!

We are even able to write bonds that are not based in statute, but rather based on agreement of the parties or court Order. Our expertise allows us to facilitate standard and complex bonds and also assist the client and attorneys in achieving effective exoneration of the bonds. We are here for you from A to Z.

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