A lost note bond / lost trust deed bond / missing beneficiary bond is a type of Surety bond contemplated by California Civil Code 2941.7 that is used when an original note on a deed of trust or the mortgagee or beneficiary of record cannot be located. It allows a deed of trust to be reconveyed to the current owner. Lost Trust Deed Bonds protect the note Trustee or Substitute Trustee and the note beneficiary from an unsatisfied and inappropriately reconveyed deed of trust.

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Lost Note or Deed Bonds

A Lost Note bond or Missing Beneficiary bond is a Surety bond required by statute (CIV § 2941.7) to protect the Trustee or Substitute Trustee of a lost original Promissory Note or in situations where a Promissory Note beneficiary cannot be located. Locating original Promissory Notes can often be challenging especially if it has been many years since the note was given. This scenario often occurs when a bank or lender on a Promissory Note has gone out of business or when a personal lender has moved or passed away.

The need for these bonds arise when a property owner desires to sell or refinance their property and an old Deed of Trust (DOT) pops up on Title. Lenders and Title companies will not proceed with the transaction until the DOT is dealt with and that’s where the bond comes in to the rescue!

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