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Surety bonds are for various purposes as required by local, state or federal entities and agencies.

Contractor License

Required by Contractors State License Board as a requirement of state license.

Lost Instrument

Surety bonds that are required by Transfer Agents and issuers of stock / bond certificates, cashier’s checks, and other Securities (instruments) when the original instrument has been lost or misplaced.

Dishonesty / Fidelity

Sometimes referred to as Business Services Bonds, these are Surety bonds designed to protect the public from theft or loss when hiring or working with a business or other entity in a position of trust.


Protects employees’ benefit plans against loss caused by plan operator(fiduciary).


Required by the State of California for any Notary Public to insure compliance of all official duties required by them by law.

Motor Vehicle Dealer

DMV Motor Vehicle Dealer New/Used.

Motor Vehicle / Defective Title

These are Surety bonds required by the DMV in order to obtain a new Title in instances where the original Title (Pink Slip) for a vehicle cannot be found.

Car Wash

Required by Labor Division to guarantee payment of wages to employees.

Process Server

Required by the State of California for Process Servers to insure they fulfill the obligations of their office.

Tax Preparer

Required by State of California for any person providing tax preparation services to protect their clients from financial harm due to unlawful acts.

Other Commercial Bonds

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Other License & Permit Bonds

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