• May 15, 2023
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Surety bonds are an important part of the construction world and play an important role in contractor selection that can make or break a project. A surety bond is essentially an agreement between a contractor and another party to ensure that all contractual obligations are fulfilled. This type of agreement is especially important if you are bidding on public works projects with large financial commitments.

In California, contractors must possess and maintain a valid surety bond in order to bid on state projects. The amount of the bond is determined by multiple factors such as the scope of work, financial capacity, nature of the project, creditworthiness of the contractor, and even personal qualifications. As a result, it’s crucial for California contractors to understand all aspects of surety bonding in order to secure contracts.

Applying for A Bond

The first step towards obtaining a surety bond is finding an approved Surety company. These companies often assess whether applicants have sufficient experience and financial resources to carry out their obligations. After approval from a Surety company, you may need to provide additional documents demonstrating your ability to complete the job such as financial statements, tax returns, and insurance.

In addition to the application process, it’s important for California contractors to understand how surety bonds work in practice. Surety bonds essentially guarantee that the contractor will perform their obligations with respect to a construction project. If the contractor fails in any way, then the Surety company will step in and reimburse any losses up to the bond amount. After which, the Surety will seek repayment from the contractor.

Why Bonds Matter

This “guarantee of services” is exactly why bonded companies tend to have stronger cases when bidding on contract work. So, if you’re a contractor looking to secure construction jobs, having a surety bond is essential. H.M. Vreeland has been helping Californians secure surety bonds for over 100 years.

Whether you are new to surety bonding or have years of experience, our team can provide the advice and guidance needed to make the best decision for your business. Don’t delay—contact H.M. Vreeland today at (415) 566-3401 and take advantage of our expertise on surety bonds in California! We look forward to helping you secure those critical construction contracts.